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Glass manufacturers should actively promote energy saving
For glass manufacturers, the main task of the current energy consumption is definitely a topic not bypassed. Whether it is given by the relevant government departments tough targets or glass manufacturers out of the need for cost control, are not open around energy saving. This is the glass business and social studies must involve sustained development. 
     For glass companies, although energy saving is very important, but it is a complex process system for glass manufacturers, the need to invest some time and the experience and manpower cost to solve this problem. From procurement of raw materials to the electricity consumption, water consumption, gas consumption. Clarification from the Ministry of glass melting furnace started feeding channel distribution, supply channel, the molding temperature, polishing heat loss, annealing furnace outlet, the cooling process is a reduced physical degrees from degrees. These links are to improve every part of the energy saving has a great role in promoting. 
     But every part of manufacturers have improved the need for glass manufacturers are required to improve the existing system, pre-determination requires a certain investment, we hope that glass manufacturers from long-term perspective, able to actively follow up.

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