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Glass manufacturers should reduce the cost of network sales
At present, the domestic industries in the transformation and upgrading. With raw materials, rising wages, and so on, as a labor-intensive glass manufacturers, faced with increasing pressure. There are a lot of bottles of domestic enterprises in the export business accounted for most of the business, as the pressure of foreign exchange, wage increases in export competitiveness increasingly weak. 
  In the past, domestic glass business orders, mainly through foreign trade companies and exhibition form. Through foreign trade company received orders for a large part of the profits bottles into the pockets of foreign trade companies, the profit is not high, the exhibition obtain orders by foreign exhibitors related to glass, exhibition fees and expenses related to personnel out of the exhibition, the annual accumulated all is not a small burden. Now, with the development of the Internet in the form of glass corporate network to obtain domestic and international glass orders, the cost of inputs required for the network to promote a lot smaller, to a certain extent, reduce the burden on enterprises. 
We want to focus more and more a part of the bottle companies to shift sales to the network, reduce business costs for sales. So as to enhance the competitiveness of their products, while more funds to support the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

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