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Strategies bottle packaging market changes under
Liquor market is rapidly shrinking is an indisputable fact that, under the influence of liquor plasticizing agent policies and unfavorable factors, the liquor industry can be expected in the next period of time is difficult to have before glory. Over the past ten years, and liquor market soared as white bottle manufacturers also enjoy the market brought dividends. Many white bottle manufacturers scale is expanding rapidly over the past ten years time. But suddenly the brakes liquor market, but also to the rapid development of the white bottle manufacturers poured a big tub of cold water. White wine bottles are now rapid decline in orders, production lines and even some manufacturers have started to do in the state, the workers are also reduced. Whole white bottle industry is filled with a pessimistic market sentiment. 
  For white bottle manufacturers, priority should be to adjust the product line, according to the different types of specific studies. For example, ceramic bottle manufacturers, orders fell in the bottle market situation, the main market shift from new household ceramics, ceramic vases these traditional markets is a relatively ideal transition path. For glass bottle manufacturers, from two aspects to change, on the one hand the high-end liquor market is now shrinking market's most powerful, in the field of low-end liquor is still a good performance and appropriate to turn the low-end white wine bottles end white bottle production. On the other hand, in addition to liquor, wine concern, wine and other drinks packaging, but also you can try entering the food, beverage bottle market. For plastic bottle manufacturers, as a new type of packaging material, more is needed to improve the product and provide more and better products, I believe that the market share is still growing space.

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