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Opportunities and Challenges "Light bottle hot" behind
Packaging streamlining has now started to become a new trend. Consumers are no longer as in the past the idea too much emphasis on the degree of luxury packaging, consumer rational gradually emerging in these intermediate consumer popularity. For wine packaging, the next big trend this light bottle packaging on the market gradually began to flourish. 
Has been added to wine packaging wine bottle packaging are based on the form, because the wine and directly to the consumer, in order to highlight the advantages of the product, many manufacturers will work on the wine, wine packaging costs are also increasingly higher. However, many consumers think wine is superfluous, in fact, a simple bottle packaging reduces costs, but also at the liquor bottle directly see inside. 
However, for bottle manufacturers, light bottle gradually prevailed both an opportunity and a challenge. First, as the factory was abandoned after the wine, liquor bottle manufacturers will pay more attention to packaging, the packaging on the bottle will spend more effort and cost, bottle manufacturers have more room for imagination on profits. Secondly, bottle packaging will demand more, past information on the need to use wine bottles to carry, bottle appearance aspect needs to have more promotions in order to attract the attention of consumers.

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