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Glass bottles or not the old legend
Advantages of plastic packaging cost, lightweight, and many other makes plastic packaging for some time in the past a lot of rapidly replacing traditional packaging. 
During that time bottles are continuously missed in many markets, the market share of glass is compressed very powerful. Many glass manufacturers have therefore closed, once the market lost confidence in the glass business. But eventually boil down from won bright, glass bottles now started to return to the market. 
First, with diversified and personalized needs of the market continue to emerge, some high-end food and beverage packaging in order to distinguish them from traditional packaging to create different consumer demands, have started to use glass bottles for packaging, the making of glass bottles market share began to return. Secondly, the plastic bottles in the food, pharmaceutical equal to human health are closely related field, faced with increasingly questioned, plastic bottles of safety concerns for consumers, many manufacturers in view of fear of the market, began to turn glass bottles to package products, which makes the glass market share began to rise. Finally, some inherent glass packaging market, with the development of downstream markets, the order needs are constantly grew them. 
We hope to be able to have a glass of this package in the form of long-term vitality, of course, inseparable to our manufacturers on both Progressive innovation and effort.

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